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"I am exploring what it is to be a human. I am studying the world around me. I look at what my hands

and mind produces and through that I am trying to understand who I am, and how the world around me is working”

I grew up in a family of biologists, and spent a lot of my youth in the woods and fields around the small industrial town in western Sweden where we lived. My father were allways photographing flowers and mushroms and it was from him I learned to take pictures, together we spent a lot of time in the darkroom.

Then one day when I was 11 years old I met a blacksmith at a Christmas fare and decided right there that it was my calling, so after finishing gymnasium that was the rout I went. I have been working with forging for many years, both with historical buildings and with interior decoration. But after learning how to turn iron into sculptures I found myself more interested in the artistic process than in the forging and from there I realized I can use whatever material and technique I want to in order to express myself.  During recent years I have explored different materials like clay, stone, textile, wood, silicone, bronze and many other mediums.

One day, at the age of 43, I wanted to try photography and when I started shooting, it felt like finding a long lost friend. I realized I had forgotten about the photography and had been missing it all this time.

I will always enjoy using my hands, molding clay carving in wood and forging the Iron, (just the smell of hot Iron and burning coals…) but now I also have the camera that will allow me to show you how I see the world.

// Andreas




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